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Reviewed by Gavin Frey on Nov 8, 2014

I am always cautious when booking a service, especially now with my little one walking around so much I was anxious about chemical sedimentation in my carpets. When I was told that you guys were using all bio-degradable child and pet safe detergents I was very relieved. The customer service they have is also very helpful and super friendly, tying everything in a nice, compact but efficient package.

Reviewed by Drew Kreigson on Oct 12, 2013

I gave this company a chance and was not disappointed with how they did. After my first booking I have to say I am very happy with their work. Their call center was very helpful whenever I had any questions and the free price estimation they gave me was pretty much spot on to what I had to pay. Speaking of which I am pleasantly surprised of the quality of work and the low price of their services. How can you be so good and charge so little? I would definitely recommend this service to everyone.

Reviewed by Meg Dunkleman on Jan 8, 2013

These are great in a pinch, would recommend their services to people who are looking for a quick and easy cleaning, without any hassle, no deposits or ties, just a straightforward, affordable cleaning. Now that I think about it I might make their visits a regular thing, book them on a regular basis to keep your house carpets cleaned.

Reviewed by Gordan Ramonds on Apr 10, 2012

I am happy with their work, although they were a bit late, these people made up in quality work. What they lacked (even though a little bit) is accuracy. They cleaned everything very good so I guess the reasons they were late was because of traffic or something else. Overall a good experience, I would definitely hire them again.

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